Monolith (Source Engine, PC)

A multiplayer online game world, made in Garry's Mod. Produced by Thriving Ventures AB.

Monolith Roleplay

A game mode for Garry's Mod released in April 2017. I joined the project early on, and took lead of the development of the project. Being the lead programmer, I was tasked with feature development and game mode management. I was in charge of up to 20 unique individuals, all in different time zones and ways of life.

The Concept

A online roleplaying world for Garry's Mod was not something rare to the scene, but we were able to grasp the element of a real yet enjoyable game world that over 150,000 individual members have played on. The focus was to immerse the player with options and capabilities that no other game mode had presented itself, and by modding in Garry's Mod - there was already an established player base and it was very easy to join.

Monolith #1
Monolith #2


With over 10K members registered the community driven forums, it's clear a large focus of the game mode is interaction with other players. This can be through negative means, such as rivalry - organizations take the forefront of the community and we have embraced it by giving the players the tools and the features that they can truly enjoy.

My Part

I designed most of the user interface within Monolith - from the HUD, to the menu systems. It was a main priority to focus on the user expeirence within the game so players would understand what to do, and why an action was being upheld against them - such as hunger, or thirst. I developed many systems within the game, such as the radio communication system, an instanced garage system which allows players to physically look at their vehicles from an instanced area of the map.

Content Creation

We have had many of content creators play the game mode, and some have even made series that show their commitment and enjoyment towards it. Here are a couple that we had worked closely with.
EliteStudio - 510K subscribers

PsiSyn - 508K subscribers